Posted on: January 16, 2008 5:37 pm

Steroids, Crying, Playoffs, and Jessica

I say Congress should worry about Healthcare, the Economy, the "War" in Iraq, Inflation, etc and stop pretending that they have anything to do with Baseball.  I especially love how they hide under the guise that what they really care about their children using steroids becuase Barry Bonds does.  How about letting the parents worry about that, be a better parent, spend some time with the kid.  Besides does anyone really care that baseball players use steroids?  Don't we all like the game better when there are more homeruns and towering 550 foot shots?  Steroids is what brought us back to the game when MacGwire and Sosa were all juiced up and competing for the record.  Thats what brought the fans back, let them all get as juiced up as a fixed horse race and see what happens.  Its a spectator sport not social incarnation of integrity.

LOL!  Thats what I have to say about T.O. crying after the game about poor little Tony Romo.  Fake, planned, or sincere, that was the funniest clip I have seen in a while.  Did watching that remind anyone else of that clip from UTube where that guy is all crying, telling everyone to leave Britney Spears alone.  OMG, we need someone to put on some T.O. glasses and reinact that.  No offense to Cowboy fans out there but that was hilarious.  I thought for a minute that I was watching Dick Vermeil's long lost brother from another mother.

Is anyone else looking forward to a match up of the top 2 quarterbacks taken in the 2004 draft.  Eli "Trade Me or Else" Manning and Phillip "Yells at Fans" Rivers in the Superbowl?  We can all relive the draft day tantrum that Eli threw when he was selected by the Chargers, and then later traded to the Giants.  Yes, I realize they are both underdogs and have to beat former Superbowl MVP veteran quarterbacks in order to get there but it would be great.  If Favre and Brady make it, we will have to listen to every "expert" and self-proclaimed pundit talk for 2 whole weeks about how great both of them are, how they are the 2 greatest quarterbacks of all time, or at worst 2 of the top 3 or some BS like that.  As much as I like historic events and all, I really do not need to see the Patriots win another Superbowl and if Favre wins somehow, he will probably think he needs to play another 5 years.

Quick side note on Brett favre retiring, was anyone else impressed watching Aaron Rodgers play in his absence.  That kid truely has a rocket arm, I was amazed at his release and arm strength.  I remember watching the guy at Cal as an USC fan and I do not remember him throwing like that.

Every rival team you hate needs a Jessica Simpson.  Since she was at that Dallas home game, Romo and the Cowboys have looked pretty bad.  If you compare the first 13 games compared to the last 3 or 4 the stats are night and day.  Just think about it, big rival game coming up for your team and the starting QB for the other team gets distracted by some high end tail and goes and boozes it up in Mexico for a couple of days.  It would be great!!!

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